After receiving my autumn semester grades, I decided to cut some things out of my life and one of those ended up being my amazing job as a Soap & Glory Glambassador. I was literally only one month in and absolutely loving it but I had to be make that sacrifice so that I could dedicate more time to the final semester of my degree. So my blog is going to be quiet for a while whilst I try and get back on track for that first class (IJN). Pray for me x

I’m going to be working on re-branding in the mean time and planning some more creative and varied posts for you guys so just wait on it. And you know that new theme and layout I was screaming about at the beginning of the year, yeah I’m gonna do that too lol. Anyway, I have some great news…


The lovely Humeara has taken over from me so she is now the official Soap & Glory Glambassador for the University of Nottingham! Humeara is beauty-obsessed, fun and full of good tips for all you girlies out there. Make sure you check out her YT channel here, she’s got a couple of videos up right now so make sure you like, comment and subscribe!



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