Every now and then our skin needs some extra love and care. It’s so important to exfoliate your body just as it is your face because as human we build up dead skin cells which need to be scrub-a-dubbed away. I’ve been so focused on my face and having a near-perfect routine that I forgot about rejuvenating the skin below my neck.


I’m so basic when it comes to shower gels and body soaps etc but these Soap & Glory scrubs have shown me the light! They are perfect for that yung skin revival and after using them for just a few days, my skin is already feeling like a baby’s bottom. They contain ingredients that are quite similar to some homemade scrub recipes I’ve seen online but ain’t nobody got time to be making scrubs from scratch when you’ve got a degree to catch so these are my new go-to’s.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Scrubimg_7258-copyimg_7272-copy

Rating: 4.5/5 iconiconiconicontub1
Smell: Sharp and sweet lime scent.
Post-skin feeling: Super smooth and moisturised.
Fave ingredients: Brown sugar and almond oil.

Overall, this sweet scrub is so yummy I literally wanted to eat it all up. It literally smells like tangy sweets and I get flashbacks of primary/secondary school when everyone used to buy loads of sweets after school lol deep stuff. Anyway, this scrub does its job; it reduces the effects of Keratosis pilaris, a really common condition which creates the appearance of goose bumps. Use on slightly damp skin (not fully wet skin) otherwise it will just slide everywhere.

Soap & Glory Scrub Em and Leave Em Body Buffimg_7259-copyimg_7265-copy

Rating: 3/5 iconiconiconicon
Smell –
Subtle perfume smell.
Post-skin feeling – Silky smooth.
Fave ingredients – Sea salt.

Overall, buff stuff. After using this scrub, my skin felt so refreshed! When I first opened the tub I didn’t think it had much of a smell but as I applied it to my skin the smell actually heightened and went from 0-100. It’s scented with Mist You Madly which is my favourite Soap & Glory range so I fell in love with it even more! Also, it’s got a good balance of oil so it doesn’t leave you greasy. These scrubs are especially good for the tougher areas of your body like your elbows, knees and feet. Thanks for reading my lovelies and hope you guys are having a fab weekend. (Supported by Soap & Glory)



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