I’ve been trying quite a few different skincare products recently and branching out to see if anything can top my usual products. I was sent the Soap & Glory Fab Pore Purifying Foam Cleanser and after using it for about a week I’m actually really impressed. I never used a foam cleanser, not for any particular reason, but this stuff is so good! I love the packaging and the pump is super easy to use. All you do is wet your skin, blend a few pumps onto your skin, massage, rinse and BAM, your skin is refreshed. This product is specifically recommended for Oily/Combination skin so it’s perfect for me. Also, it seems like it will last 5eva because a little goes a long way.


This product is so worth the money as well. Even though I’m Thrift Queen and all, I like to invest in my skincare products because I care A LOT about what goes on my skin. Soap & Glory products are truly a top quality brand. They invest SO MUCH into their technology, ingredients and the manufacturing of their products probably even more than your fave beauty brands *cough* no shade *cough*. This cleanser includes their patented Poreshrink and Coolcapsule Soothe technology which helps reduce the size of pores and leaves your skin feeling 1hunna.

It’s a yes from me. I’ve been converted into a foam cleanser fan!

(Supported by Soap & Glory)



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