Taking off makeup can be such a chore but it’s actually so important if you want to keep your skin looking and feeling good. I’m guilty of falling asleep in a full face (and full outfit lol) after a night out but it’s never too late to make a change! For me, when I wake up that morning, my skin is literally not impressed with me. Like dafukwozyouthinkingbih. Plus I feel like having oily skin just makes the situation 10x worse.


Obviously, there are serious repercussions for casually falling asleep in your beat face – breakouts, acne, dull skin and even ageing according to Huffington Post. When you wear makeup for a lengthy period of time it actually starts to clog your pores as you’re preventing your skin from breathing therefore leading to spots. Majority of the time I’ll end up with a breakout and that’s not cute. So if you still wanna keep that yung glow and get ID’d at the till (take it as a compliment), you’re gonna have to cleanse yo face! You can cake your face and do the most but make sure you clean it off properly so your skin gets a chance to renew itself and bounce back. Below are my 4 KEY STEPS which I try and stick to. Hopefully this gives you a bit of a guide to keeping your skin flawless and in check after looking fleeky.


Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes

As everyone knows, because I say it all the time, I’ve got major oily skin and when I discovered Simple’s Oil Balancing range I fell in love. This was definitely heaven sent bruh. I’ve been using the whole range (except the scrub) for about a year now and they are still my number 1. Anyway, these wipes are perfect as a starting point to remove the top layers. Wipes in general don’t fully remove all the makeup and dirt from your face so this just kicks off the cleansing process. These specific ones don’t contain any artificial perfumes, colours or chemicals so they’re great for sensitive skin.


Soap & Glory Drama Clean 5-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water

Secondly, I grab my micellar water by Soap & Glory and a few cotton pads to cleanse a bit deeper. It cleanses, tones and soothes all in 1 so really helps to dissolve the dirt that’s still on your face after Step 1. It smells so beautiful as well. I love love love cucumber – the smell, taste, everything. This product is crazily affordable as well. You can get it for a fiver right now at Boots so if you’ll looking for a cleanser I’d defo recommend this baby.


Soap & Glory Face Soap & Clarity Facial Wash

I was introduced to this product last month when I became a Soap & Glory Glambassador and won it in a S&G quiz! It has literally transformed my skin. My cheeks feel like a baby’s bottom (see what I did there haha) and my pores have reduced in size quite a lot as well. The mircobeads help to get rid of all those dead skin cells and clean the teeny crevices on your face and a top quality exfoliating scrub will do a good job too. Btw if you have oily skin, look for products which contains glycolic acid. This is a key ingredient as it helps to reduce excessive oil production in your skin. Also, alcohol-free products are better as they won’t strip your skin of water. Don’t you dare skip the wash step! 


Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser

Lastly, after patting my face dry with a face towel, I apply this Simple moisturiser, again from their Oil Balancing range. It’s not greasy at all and after applying it just disappears as it’s so lightweight. This product contains special ingredients such as Pro-vitamin B5 which “actively restores, softens and smoothes” so your skin feels silky smooth afterwards. Just what you need after wearing heaps of concealer and foundation and blinding highlighter…

Obviously different products work for different people but this is my simple routine to fully remove every inch of makeup I put on. Hope you guys were inspired in some way or learned something new. Love and take care of you and your skin! (Supported by Soap & Glory)




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