Jumper – New Look
Skirt – Thrifted
Denim jacket – Thrifted
Boots – Public Desire
Bag – Primark

So ofcourse, Valentine’s Day is round the corner so I thought I’d put together an outfit to inspire you girlies out there. Whether you’re single or taken, side piece or main, this look is perfect for a cute day out with whoever you’re spending it with. It’s giving off all kinds of cute, cosy and sexy vibes! It’s been really chilly lately which is why I’ve gone for a really thick, warm jumper but the thigh highs add a sprinkle of spice to the look #saltbae. I’ve really been loving them and rocking them every chance I get. 90% of the time I’m in flat shoes, because comfort is key, but my shoe collection has been getting a bit heel-y if you get my drift! Grown gal tings 2017.


I never “celebrate” Valentines Day but I’m going to be spending Valentines Galentines this year with my gals! Sometimes you just have to leave your non-existent bae at home init. It’s going to be all about celebrating each other and just having a cute fun time out (girl power yaaas).


I’m rocking Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss in the shade Candy Queen which is my personal fave. (FYI this was the first ever Soap & Glory product to be released and it’s still so popular to this day!) The Sexy Mother Pucker range is actually lip plumping and has Superfill Plumping Technology and literally works on contact; it buzzes on your lips to get them nice and plump. As I’ve already been blessed with quite juicy lips, I just use this gloss for their beautiful, shimmery coating and top it with some clear gloss for added shine! What is lipgloss if it doesn’t double up as a reflective surface?! I’m all for that high shine baby. I love the smell of these lipglosses and their not sticky like other ones I’ve tried. They just glide on nicely and add a subtle sparkle to any look.

I’ll be giving away 5 of these amazing Sexy Mother Pucker lip glosses (in the shades below) to 5 lucky girlies across the UK. You can choose which colour you prefer and just simply follow the instructions below!

1. Write a comment sharing your take on Galentines or what you love most about spending time with your gals.

2. Share this post on any social media site.

Shades: Nudestar, Doughnut, Bare Enough, Pink-out-loud, & Plumsup.

The giveaway ends when I run out of lipglosses to give away lol btw UK gals only sorry! (Supported by Soap & Glory)




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