Hey readers, hope you guys are doing great. I know it’s been a minute but your girl is back in the blogosphere (check my insta for a life update haha)! I recently became the first ever Soap & Glory Digital Glambassador for my university (which I am super excited about!) so I’ll be sharing some lovely products and new content with y’all. (I am supported by Soap & Glory)

So for those who don’t know, Soap & Glory is an all-pink, fun and flirty beauty brand which launched in 2006. They’re all about making girls look and feel gorgeous with kick-ass femininity and their products range from makeup to skincare to seductive fragrances. I’ve used Soap & Glory for so many years and honestly, the quality is top notch. You literally get the best bang for your beauty budget! I’m reviewing the Diamond Edition of The Righteous Butter, which was the one of the first ever Soap & Glory product to hit the stores. It’s basically the snazzy version of such an iconic product…


This beautiful, sweet-smelling, buttery goodness does more than just keep you moisturised. It glides onto the skin like there’s no tomorrow and leaves it feeling all kinds of smooth! I can’t lie, I don’t change my body creams very often but this stuff is so good. I have very dry skin (apart from my face) so I live for the likes of shea butter, pure oils and particular brands of cocoa butter. However, this ever so righteous body cream contains shea butter AND aloe vera to help protect the skin from drying out. It’s deeply moisturising but also very lightweight. I don’t know how they do it but I am in love!


Righteous Rating:
Texture – 8/10; silky smooth and velvety.
Smell – 11/10; perfume-like scent which lasts hours.
Hydration – 7.5/10; pretty moisturising and sinks into skin quickly.
Packaging – 10/10; so pretty and ofcourse it’s pink!
Price – 6/10; a lot more than I would normally pay for cream but it’s worth the tenner.

This product is extra special and definitely lives up to its name; it gives you sparkly skin *cries in glitter*. It’s got diamond dust complex which adds a poppin’ shimmer to blind all the haters and I mean what girl doesn’t want a bit of bling all over their body?! Love it! You can get a FREE tub of the Righteous Butter Diamond Edition when you spend £11 or more on any other Soap & Glory bath and beauty products. So head straight to your local Boots store or online here to get yo life hunny. It’s also available in a few different scents so you can get one that suits you best. Check out the Soap & Glory website for more info, exciting news and competitions as there’s always something exciting going on. Stay cute and fly.




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