Hey readers, so tonight I thought I’d write about the Future Girl Corp workshop marathon/event I attended a while back because it was such an amazing day and I wanted to share my experience with y’all.


So one day as I’m scrolling through my various social media feeds… Somehow I found myself on http://www.futuregirlcorp.com filling in an application form for a free 12-hour business workshop for female CEOs. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss, from an early age as I hate being told what to do or having to report back to someone like a manager or supervisor, so I jumped at the opportunity. Also, this was perfectly timed as I was in the process of relaunching Revival  London, my fashion reconstruction and personal styling company.

So after some time, I finally got the email saying I had been successful, I nearly screamed because I really wasn’t expecting that. I was chosen out of the 400 applicants to be 1 of 100 attendees! I was shocked but obviously so grateful and honoured to have been selected. All the glory belongs to God. #62 baby *winks*


Our amazing goodies bags laid out in the auditorium with our labelled seats (I’ll show what was inside, keep scrolling!) and a bit of early morning networking.

The 12-hour workshop marathon kicked off with some wise words from Sharmadean herself and she gave us an insight into WAH Nails and how it all started. This was followed by the first topic of discussion – “Vision”. Sharmadean talked us through her own vision with WAH Nails and explained to us what a vision should look like; it needs to be succinct and straight to the point. We also heard from , , and . We were then split up into groups and sent off to separate rooms to put pen to paper create or refine or simple just write down the vision we have for our business ventures. I thought this was going to be easy but it was actually kind of difficult for me to present Revival London in one sentence! I got there in the end – “to sustainably redesign wardrobes worldwide”. So that was the format for the preceding 3 sessions – Roadmap, User Profile and Business Model Canvas.

Sharmadean Reid – Founder &CEO of WAH London

img_3904Selina Donald – Co-Founder of The Bulb

Linzi Boyd – Global Partner at Shirlaws Group

Tabitha Goldstaub – Co-Founder of Cognition X, leading the vision workshop

We then heard from the founder of Huckletree (the co-working space we were in) and some more lovely female speakers from different industries.

Gabriela Hersham – Founder of Huckletree

Georgina Harding, Co-Founder of Semaine

*sidenote* I was totally in love with this co-working space; the decor, furniture, layout etc was beautiful! I’d love to work here some time in the near future. Love it.

Last few speakers of the day!

Mariam Mola – Founder of Mentor Matcher

Amber Atherton – Founder of My Flash Trash

Eliza – Artist, ended the day with a talk/open discussion with Sharmadean about why girls must support each other.

We had some delicious pizza for lunch (somewhere in between all the talks and amazing workshops) and then chicken and chips and cocktails to end the day. Couldn’t have asked for a better send off!

I met some really lovely girlies all throughout the day  and made sure I forced myself to network and talk to people (I can be so shy at times!).

Above is the gorgeous Sapphire Rutter, founder of The Flower Arranger. Below is Bhavna Malkani showcasing one of the subscription boxes from her company, MeeBox, and two natural hair care products from Curly By Nature.

I felt so blessed to have been one of the first 100 Future Girl Corp members and it was kinda surreal to look around and see so many beautiful women of all cultures and backgrounds! It was really something special.

img_3954img_3966Photography: Me (Rosette Damilola Ale)

So, what did I learn?
This event was literally an eye opener for me. I went there thinking I knew what my business, Revival London, was all about. Ofcourse, I know why I started it and the purpose of the company but the workshops and having to describe it to so many people made me realise that I didn’t know how to articulate this idea in my head to others. Having to sit down and literally write down what your vision is sounds easier than it is! I’ve been taking on board all the information and advice bit by bit whilst trying to keep up with uni work so it’s been challenging but the hard work and lack of sleep will pay off in the end! So yeah, the main thing I took away from this day was that clarity is key. You need a clear vision and for others to be able to understand your vision. Whether these are potential customers, employees or anyone intrigued by your brand. Get your vision written own and learn how to sell that to people.

Thank you so much once again to Sharmadean, the whole team behind the event, the beautiful, inspiring speakers, the sponsors, everyone involved in some way and to my fellow female CEOs! Thanks for reading booboos.



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