Photography: Belita Marfo (Biggie Snaps)

What I wore:
Shirt – Mum
Shoes – Nike AF1 – Birthday present
Bag – Mum

So summer is done, finito, garrrn, but Belita and I managed to catch some sun before the clouds and rain and wind took over London. This look basically cost me nothing because everything was either a gift or borrowed/stolen. I didn’t even realise until I started writing this post! Shout out to my mum for this yellow print shirt, I don’t think she knows but it’s actually mine now muhaha. I love the way it hangs and the print is so beautiful; it’s got zebras, tigers and elephants all over it and if you really know me, you’ll know I love love love elephants. I’m channelling hella Safari vibes in this… Also, big up Anita and Funmi for my AF1’s, I’ve wanted them for so long and they surprised me with these on my 21st. Cuties.

So I’ve been on a mission to become more and more self sufficient and I think every female out there should definitely give this a go. It is the key to that independent, “yaaas bih” lifestyle. I personally don’t like relying on people because well, people are people. We make empty promises, misinterpret each other, thread off more eyebrow hair than what was instructed etc etc and I just cba 90% of the time. Especially when it comes to grooming in terms of nails, eyebrows and hair, etc I can be so fussy! So over the past couple of years I’ve been learning different skills in order to become a strong, independent black woman, hallelurr! Obviously I can’t do everything myself but so far I’ve learned things like how to make a wig, do my own Afro kinky twists, cook food from other cultures (instead of ordering takeaway), make jewellery etc and it’s so much fun. It’s empowering to know you can do something yourself and I find it quite exciting as well (I’m such a nerd lol). Obviously synergy is a mad ting and we are an interdependent world but sometimes DIY init. A bit of independence with certain things here and there gives you some superwoman powers and you may even end up making new friends or earning money from that new skill.

Challenge yourself to learn a new skill. Do something you’ve never done before.

God has been pushing me to get out of my comfort zone recently and that is where life truly starts! Life is all about transformation, growth and challenges and that’s the journey we should all be on; one that is full of discovery and uncomfortable experiences that help us develop into who God wants us to be. Whatever you want to be able to do yourself, try it, practice and then perfect it. Whether it’s cooking, dancing, graphic design or fixing cars. Get yo life hunny.

Lastly, make sure you guys follow Belita, her photography Instagram is @biggiesnaps_! She’s actually been getting better and better behind the lense and has just got the kindest heart on this planet (even though she’s cheeky 99.9% of the time). This is definitely my favourite blog shoot ever. Hands down.



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