Photography: Belita Marfo (Biggie Snaps)

What I wore:
Top – H&M – £2
Jeans – Thrifted – £1
Kimono – Primark
Trainers – Reebok
Bag – Ebay – free

Back at it again with the inconsistency… Yes guys, I’m sorry once again but life happens init, love you. Anyway, I’m so excited to share this look with you guys after being away for so long. My internship swallows up all my energy so this has been a draft for a likkle while. Can we all take a minute and deep that this cute one shoulder top was only £2 and it wasn’t even thrifted, it’s from a “normal” high street store yaaas! It’s so 90’s and “me”, I nearly bought it in all the colours! Find a H&M store and thank me later, no Drake. I made the choker from the hem of some thrifted jeans and yeah Kim K needs to move because I really made this before her *rolls eyes*. I’m obsessed with thick chokers now and I’ve been making loads from scraps of fabric so a cheeky DIY post may be on the horizon…

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on life a lot and the other day I was thinking about my younger self and I deeped how insecure I was about my body. I had so many little insecurities but it’s like I didn’t really realise how crap I felt about myself until I look back now. I used to do silly things like wear really long tops and jackets to cover my bum (it was huge back then *sigh*), never showed my arms and never stepped outside of my house without makeup on, etc the list goes on. I don’t know if you guys can relate to some of these kind of things but damn, I really didn’t love myself back then. I feel like I’ve come a long way because a few years ago that black kimono would’ve never left my body! It’s only in recent years where I’ve actually started embracing and loving myself inside and out and this shoot was so fun and carefree. I can’t stress how important it is to love yourself and I truly believe it’s only through getting closer to God that I’ve been able to make that shift. We tenk God.

I know it seems like everyone is doing Positive Patty on their blogs and social media these days lol so cringe, but it’s actually needed. Even though the majority of the things these people say are easier said than done, some of it is very encouraging. I read some blog posts and I feel like a new woman, all empowered and with some new found confidence, but that can also easily fade away. I’m not going to sit here and type up top ten tips for becoming carefree because that’s not going to work long term. I believe God is the only one who can transform those feelings into principles you can live by. I’m on a new journey and I’m transforming into a new me, who truly loves herself. It’s great to read things that fill your mind with positive thoughts but don’t let it end there; true joy and healing comes from God and His Word. My blog, my views, that’s all.



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