Photography: Belita Marfo (Biggie Snaps)

What I wore:
Turtleneck top – Stolen from a friend
Shirt – Thrifted – £1
Jeans – New Look
Boots – ASOS
Bag – New Look (on ASOS)

Hey guys, I’m finally back yayyy! I know you all probably hate me for abandoning you but I’m back on the scene after a really long break. It’s been a whole 7 months, wow… I’m not going to write about how busy I’ve been and how my degree is trying to finish me (even though I’ve just typed all that lol) but yeah, life happens. Anywho, I’ve got a cheeky new layout and it’s onwards and upwards from now. My blog actually means a lot to me and I’m excited to be back doing what I love.

So this is basically a casual, everyday outfit for me when I’m going to uni. I styled my super cheap, oversized shirt with a white turtleneck (big up Nada) and some blue jeans. I’ve been trying to find the perfect pair of high-waisted, skinny jeans for the longesttt time so if anyone can help a thick sista out please let me know. Anyway, this shirt yeah. I rummaged the madness that is East End Thrift Store and got lucky! I love the colourful stripes and it’s the perfect oversized-ness; oversized is my middle name bruh. Hope you enjoyed this post lovelies, keep it locked x



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