IMG_5815IMGIMG_5829img4IMG_5835IMG_5836 Photography: Belita Marfo (Biggie Snaps)

What I wore:
Top – Thrifted – £2.99
Jeans – Thrifted – £1
Shoes – Vagabond – Office

I scooped this Adidas polo top for £2.99! Yaaas, it’s true. I discovered a new charity shop in the area I used to live in and everything is £2.99 in there! So what was supposed to be just a cute visit to my grandma’s turned out to be a little shopping trip. I was too excited when I found it and as soon as I got home I cut it to transform it into a cute cropped tee; I actually cut it a bit too short lol hence the white cropped top underneath but it’s all good, a little bit of underboob never hurt nobody. I’ve even been getting better at spotting brands in charity shops *twerks* so life is looking sweet.

Anyway, I’m thinking of transforming my blog completely and giving it a fresh layout etc. I feel like it’s about time I spruced up my baby so stay tuned guys, TQL is under construction-ish. Thanks for reading my lil blog post and have a Happy Sunday night.



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