I attended the one and only AFWL a few weeks ago at London Olympia and have finally edited all the pictures I took. I had thousands to look through and started my new job around the same time so it’s been a busy few weeks. I managed to get a press pass so I was excited to capture some great shots. I didn’t even think I’d get the pass but you know how I do *flicks hurr* and it was my first time going as well. I could only attend on the Friday because work loves to ruin my plans allllll the time, but I saw two shows which were so much fun to capture – it was hard work but with good vibes!
So let me start off talking about the massive exhibition space which was filled with loads of African inspired, beautiful designs, garments and accessories. It was amazing to see such variety in African fashion and when talking to the individuals behind the brands I could just feel their passion and enthusiasm. I was really inspired and being a bit of a creative myself, the amazing work I saw made me want to create my own! I especially loved the accessories as they were huge and came in vibrant colours and earthy tones (Mafrika!) which reminded me a bit of Ghana.

There were several designers in each of the shows with exciting collections featuring rag rug textures, bold colours and Victorian style African attire (think Yinka Shonibare sculptures!). I expected nothing short of flamboyancy and ofcourse I got just that. Some of the accessories were absolutely massive like the South African ones which stood out in rich primary hues. I didn’t get a good spot for the first show so my pictures were really crap but I managed to secure a middle-side-ish seat on the floor (yep, on the floor) for the next one, yayy. I narrowed the photos down a bit more by choosing my favourite designer pieces so enjoy!

And lastly, I took a few pictures of some stylish ladies I spotted and models after the final show of the day. I had serious fro envy over Fro Girl Ginny and Ownd By Femme’s gorgeous hair and they both looked fabulous as well. Also, shoutout to my gurrl Ruth who had a beautiful skirt on which she made herself, can you imagine! I think she’s selling custom pieces so follow her on insta and check her out.

Thanks for reading guys!



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