Hey heyyy readers, so I’m really really excited about this post guys! I’ve been meaning to publish it for a while but I wanted to make sure I had the good quality images first… So, around Christmas time last year I got interviewed and photographed by Aiza Amira Johari, a 3rd year Graphic Design student, for her magazine brief on one of her units. We went down to Shoreditch to shoot near Boxpark and on some rooftops nearby (it was such a fun day!) and I got the chance to talk about my love of cheap, thrifty clothing and accessories – I can’t lie I felt like a mini celeb. The pictures look so damn good as well and all the credit goes to Aiza for her badass photography skills; she literally enhanced my buffness! We actually only got to shoot two outfits as I hadn’t brought much down to London for the Christmas holidays #crei but it was a super, awesome, cool experience anyway and I’ve included the pictures I liked the most below and a few of the silly laughing ones too!

Above is the first look which features my cosiest jumper everrrrr and it only cost me £1 from a market in Mile End ages ago! I wore it in a previous post and it’s back again because it’s absolutely freezing in the Midlands. I paired it with a pleated navy skirt (maxi skirt made into a mini) which I got from my local charity shop for a few quid. When it was a maxi I didn’t really like it but I saw potential in it so I thought I’d buy it and try to alter it in some way, yay me. The pleats are beautiful and have this unique design to them which is what initially drew me to it. To complete the look I popped on some tights, for warmth, my canvas Vagabonds and some Vamp lipstick which complements the stripes in my jumper. I’m also rocking my chunky creole earrings, gold septum bar, my everyday casio watch and some gold rings because you can’t have too much bling.

The second look is very chilled and casual but I’d say it is more “on-trend” than I usually am. I’m not really a big trend follower even though I do get some of my inspiration from them ofcourse. I love mixing and matching my vintage clothes with new purchases and going on the hunt to find trendy pieces in charity shops. My long-line camel coat actually used to be a long roundneck dress before I customised it; this kind of coat has been so so soooo popular this A/W so I felt pretty cool making my own. It isn’t really a proper coat and it hasn’t got lapels and buttons etc so it’s simple and slightly different to what is out there on the high street which is why I love it; the colour is beautiful and it can be styled with so many different things! I styled it with a white turtle neck, a thrifted denim skater skirt and my new New Balance Vintage trainers. I love anything high-waisted so this skater skirt is perfect for me and it was in my actual size as well – I usually have to take things in so they fit me properly so this was a lucky thrifty purchase! I then accessorised with some gold jewelry (ofcourse!!), some bright red lipstick and a cheap little rucksack from Primarni.

Big shoutout to Aiza for contacting me and letting me be apart of your amazing work. And well done for getting a first as well! Praying for more successful collabs!




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