IMG_3862 IMG_3864 PicMonkey Collage1 IMG_3874 IMG_3875 IMG_3881Photography: Belita Marfo

What I wore:
Polo neck – ASOS
Bomber Jacket – Primark
Jacket – Thrifted Around £5
Jeans –Topshop
Boots – ASOS
Bag – Primark
Earrings – Internacionale

 Merry Christmas guysss, hope you all enjoyed it and ate ridiculous amounts of food and drank ridiculous amounts of alcohol! But ofcourse, Christmas is a time of giving and more importantly it’s about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. He was a gift to us and is the reason why we are still alive today so I hope you all kept, and continue to keep him in your hearts over this Christmas period. It was so lovely being around family after being away from home for a while and I can’t wait for the New Year’s Eve celebrations!

So, about this post… I know my outfit isn’t very “Christmasy” but I shot this before coming back home because I knew I wouldn’t have anyone to shoot for me down here so yeah. My friend Belita and I went looking for a cool place to shoot near our accommodation, and when I tell you everywhere within walking distance was just bricks bricks bricks, I’m not lying! But then I saw this blue fence thing and got excited because it was literally the “coolest” thing we could find and after some test shots it grew on me; I like how it contrasts with the pinks and reds in my bomber jacket’s print but also compliments the blue hues in it. I absolutely love this jacket, even though it’s the thinnest bomber jacket in the world (chiffon material). The print is what drew me in, ofcourse, and you guys know I love my prints so obviously I had to purchase. I’m actually wearing a lot of Primark in this outfit, which isn’t very common, but I guess student life has got me swerving the other retail stores and entering Primarni more often! Also, the vintage stores are a bit pricey in Notts and the charity shops haven’t wowed me *sigh* see y’all in my next post.



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