20140319-213806.jpg Left: March 2012; the beginning of my natural hair journey.

Hey guys and girls, guess what?!
It’s my big chop anniversary this month! So two years ago in March I cut most of my hair off (down to a couple of inches) as it was permed/relaxed with chemicals and I wanted my natural hair back. I had been perming my hair and doing weaves for years, from a very young age, and my hair became really thin and unhealthy. Because of this I never left my hair out that much and was stuck in a vicious cycle of perming and installing weaves. Also, it just wasn’t really growing so I felt I needed to sort my hair out asap and finally decided to cut it all off. Initially, I was scurrrrd because I didn’t know if my hair would actually grow back (black girls you know the struggle, well some of you anyway!), but my hair did grow and has been growing faster than I thought it would! So I wanted to share some of my hair products and rituals with any of you natural hair girlies out there looking for some tips! Below are my top-up purchases of the products I normally use and some that I’ve just started using.

1. Firstly, Organics Hair Mayonnaise by Africa’s Best – this is very good for rejuvenating afro hair and adding moisture. I usually use Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream but all the shops in my area have run out *tear drop*. But I love this stuff anyway and I love leaving it in after I wash my hair as it’s amazing for defining curls! I don’t use shampoo so I wash and condition my hair with it (shampoo fi dead) about once every two weeks.

2. Pure Coconut Oil not only smells lovely but it also hydrates and conditions the scalp really well. It’s also good for your skin and you can cook with it so it’s basically the perfect product! I use this with my Pure Shea Butter (not shown) every morning.

3. Manado Pure Almond Oil contains Vitamins such as A, D and E – amazing stuff! It also hydrates well, helps get rid of dandruff and increases growth and healthiness of hair (by fastening the process of repair of damaged hair and promoting blood circulation in the scalp). This one is new to me but I am going to use it mostly at night or when my hair dries after a wash.

4. Super Gro Hair & Scalp Conditioner by Africa’s Best. This is another oily sort of product as my hair gets dry very easily especially during A/W – it’s so important to keep the moisture! I use this before I go to bed so that it absorbs overnight and stops my scalp from drying out. I then twist my hair, if I can be bothered, wrap my hair and pop on my hair net. Job done!

Thanks for reading guys, I hope this has helped you or inspired you in some way. I don’t use many products but the few that I do use seem to be working. Less chemicals and more pure, natural products! Pure oils in general are really good for afro/natural hair but these are the ones I prefer…




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